Tootsies Spa to Go (Clay Mud Mask)

Tootsies Spa to Go (Clay Mud)
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Tootsies Spa to Go (Clay Mud)
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Tired, sore achy feet? Grab a Tootsie Spa! Mud mask will cool, tingle, relax and refresh your Tootsies naturally after the long days work!
Fragrance, Paraben, Phthalate & Nitro Musk Free

Great to throw in your carry-on, gym bag, girls weekend or just a great trial size. Plenty for both Tootsies and Partial Calf. Get the most from your to Go Mud Pack by making a small snip in the corner of the packet. Add little as you go instead of emptying the entire contents at once.

Tootsies Spa Mud Mask is rich in Natural Sea Silt, Clay, Rosehip, Cocoa Butter, Pistachio Butter and more. Don't Pay for Water Weight. No water is ever added to our mud mask which gives you pure rich butters, oils, natural extracts and clay without the unneeded filler of water.

Benefits & Known Properties of Mud Masks
• Our Mud is Cooling & Tingling. Known to help relax sore achy Tootsies
• Rich & Lush Moisturizing
• Natural Anti-inflammatory Properties
• Naturally Clearing Properties
• Natural Detoxing Properties

Key Benefits & Known Properties of Rhassoul Clay
• Most impressive properties; its capacity of absorption due to its high level of ions exchange
• Reduce dryness and flakiness
• Improve skin clarity and elasticity
• It is rich in magnesium, Silica, potassium and calcium

Key Benefits & Known Properties of Rosehip
• Rich in Vitamin C it contains natural anti-oxidant properties
• Improve the elasticity of the skin
• Astringent properties
• Anti-inflammatory properties
• Known to relieve muscular aches and pain

Know Benefits & History of Pistachio Butter:
• Low Comedogenicity effects on the skin (meaning it won’t clog those pores)
• Pistachio Butter is moisturizing and rich
• Moisturizing traits and easy spread-ability will also soften up those hard working heels in no time!

FAQs / Ingredients

How to use your Tootsies Clay Foot Mask: After your Tootsies Scrub, dry off feet and apply a thin even layer of clay mask. Allow to absorb for at least 7 minutes. Rinse feet in tub with warm water. Apply a natural foot balm, oil or cream lotion if desired. Sit back and Enjoy the cooling!

WARNING: Do not touch or rub eyes after use. Wash hands with soap and water after use. Do not use near or around sensitive areas of the human body. The cooling effect will feel a bit uncomfortable in sensitive areas.