Yvonne K:
Thank you so much! I wanted to let you know that I received my order and I have to say that I am in glycerin soap lover's heaven - this entire shipment is decadent with thick, rich lather and I simply am in heaven. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Nikki G.:
First off, I love your customer service. Since I bought vouchers in a Plum District deal, we had to work out shipping through email. But Cheryl made the process very easy and understandable. She was also amazing at helping me both when a product I wanted was out of stock and when a product I wanted was discontinued. I've never seen any business so committed to making their customer #1 as I have at ACTZ Cosmetics.

Now, when it came to the products I ordered, I must say I was at the door ever few minutes to check for the mail. The orders came in two "waves" because some of the products were ready at different times than others. But the amazing scent could be sensed while holding the packages, and I knew there was good stuff to come!

So far, I've only used a few of the products, but I couldn't live without them. The Peppermint Hand Sanitizer is wonderful and strong, but leaves the lightest hint of peppermint on your skin. The lip scrub sample I recieved was also great; it left my lips feeling wonderfully soft. I also recieved many different scents of soaps, but I admit my favorite is the Cherry Almond soap. The hard bits of almond give it just enough to texture to scrub your hands, but not harm them. Amazing.

If I had to choose one product out of everything, it would definitely be the Lavender-scented Solid Lotion. Before I bought it, I had seen solid lotion advertised in many other places. I haven't tried any other, but I have to say that this has done wonders for my heels, even in just a few days. The best part about putting it on at night is that the lavender scent is soothing and relaxing, so you get a mini-footrub right before bed.

Your products are truly amazing. My heart hurts just a little each time I use the cherry almond soap I have at my sink right now, but I'm overjoyed when I turn around and see all the other wonderful soaps in my future.
Mrs. Valenzuela:
About 8 months ago I was delighted to see that ACTZ Cosmetics was donating proceeds from many of their products to help a friend of mine who had been in a horrible accident involving a large crane. My friend sustained many serious injuries including a spinal cord injury. His medical expenses were through the roof. ACTZ made sure that he and his family received the donations to help cover anything that he needed. He is now in recovery and is doing well and is learning to walk again

Seeing the integrity that ACTZ showed, I had to find them. Instantly I loved their products, so I "liked" them on Facebook. Shortly after they posted a new product of puzzle soaps. I was really excited! I have a 10 year old son with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the puzzle piece is the symbol for autism. I ordered a set and became friends with ACTZ. A short time later ACTZ donated puzzle soaps to our fundraisers for our team for the Walk for Autism.

Having a child with autism is very difficult in so many ways. It can be very stressful and is incredibly hard financially. Most families struggle Because it's usually a 1 income family. There are so many therapies that are not covered that help. For example, music therapy..
My name is Ginger and I recived a sample of you new pisachio body scrub in Monrovia on Friday and let me say WOW. I was very impressed with how soft and lovley my skin became. While in the shower I found the scrubby bits really got to work scrubing and cleaning my skin getting all the dirt and flakes of dead skin.(Dead skin thanks to our wonderful sun) I also love how the scrub just mealted unlike other scrubs such as sea salt scrub where the salt falls off and melts on the bottom of the tub :(. As for the oil contents my skin just drank up all the oil hahaha. After my shower my skin felt moisturizer, looked baby bottom soft, and felt super clean! :D I felt so moisturize that I didn't even need to use any lotion afterwards. I also used this scrub on my feet and lets just say I am now sandal ready! My heels have never felt or looked better. There was a little oil left at the bottom of my tub that made it a bit slippery but nothing a quick rinse of the tub can't fix. :) Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to test out your wonderful product and I hope my feedback was helpful.
Linda K:
Let me tell you, these soaps are totally awesome! Ive had problem skin for quite some time and no matter what I used nothing seemed to work. I ordered my soap, and after a week of using it my skin is now healing itself with no flakes, dry... patches or alligator skin patches! I am so amazed! I am now a devoted customer and i recommend these soaps to everyone! If you are not sure where to start, you can always ask. Great people with great products!!
I used my Pomegranate & Fig Salt Scrub from CZ Wick & Suds this morning and it smells fantastic! I seriously cannot say enough great things about this company, its owners and its products.
When I got a chance to model for CZ Wick & Studs I was excited yet nervous because I have really sensitive and acne prone skin, so I have to be really choosy and cautious about what brands I use. I still took the chance with it and it turned out the makeup was amazing! My skin didn't feel itchy or break out from it! Not only that but it made my skin look beautiful and the eye shadow colors were so bright and unique. Im glad I went with it and tried the product, now its another brand I know I can trust!
What I have to say about CZ Wicks & Suds: I love the delicious scents, the smooth textures and the easy to wear experience CZ Wick & Suds offers. My favorite part of my makeover were the vibrant colors of the shadows and how light it felt on my skin! I would recommend CZ Wicks and Suds to anyone who loves the bright and bold colors without all the chemicals or additives.
"I absolutely loved all of the make up. Not only because the colors were bright and sheer, but they were honestly really comfortable to wear."
YEP... My question is--> why arent you here in Oregon!?!?!? I love EVERYTHING!
THANK YOU ACTZ Cosmetics & Cheryl L Zaha for the PHENOMENAL batch of Ken Sanders goods that arrived today. After trying on EVERYTHING I smell like a kid in a candy store =) - Plumeria equals DEVINE!
Love the tea tree soap! It feels amazing on my skin thanks again!!
Just received my order. Thank you CZ Wicks & Suds. Love how all the products come wrapped. Looks so pretty!
Monique Marie-Photography:
Amazing colors from the ACTZ Cosmetics makeup line!!
I got some chapstick from my Aunt Tina and soap and i absolutly LOVE IT!!! I just tried some lotions and they are all amazing!! Cant wait to try your eyeshadows! Your products are great!
I love your Apple lip balm
I LOVE all the goodies that I purchased from you and the Avocado Festival in Fallbroke

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