Scented Play Dough Fun!
1 1/2 Pounds

Scented Play Dough Fun!<br>1 1/2 Pounds
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Scented Play Dough Fun!<br>1 1/2 PoundsScented Play Dough Fun!<br>1 1/2 PoundsScented Play Dough Fun!<br>1 1/2 Pounds
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Our play-dough is Paraben, Propylene Glycol, Phthalate & Nitro Musk Free
Dear Mommy & Daddy: Do you know the the big box brands Play Dough I play with is full of Paraben & Surfactants?

Our Founder, took a Vow to her Daughter and is sharing it with you; to give her a Paraben Preservative Free Life. This including items she uses for play. FDA cannot regulate without concrete evidence that Paraben causes Cancer; Yes. They have been around for a 100 years; though as we advance in manufacturing so has the added use of Paraben. Is this why there is more Cancer Survivorís? Why would we risk giving a toy to a child that may cause Cancer?

Our play-dough is made with Real Avocado Oil & Dead Sea Salt giving you a Beneficial Play-Date

Known Benefits of Avocado:
• Highest Vitamin E content
• Known to soothe, protect and moisturize the skin
• Avocado oil has a natural hydrating ability and is deeply absorbed by the squamous layer of the skin
• Avocado oil is rich in omega-3

Play Dough Box for on the go includes:
•  1/4 lb Spearmint Play Dough
•  1/4 lb Cherry Almond Play Dough
•  1/4 lb Lemon Zest Play Dough
•  1/4 lb Tangerine Play Dough
•  1/4 lb Almond Play Dough
•  1/4 lb Blackberry Patch Play Dough
•  Reusable cups for the children to store their dough in
•  Wooden Sticks! A must for kids of all ages
•  Kid Friendly Glycerin Hand Soap for washing up after playtime
•  Kid Friendly Hand Lotion
•  Labels; Color Name & Flavor Name*
•  Coloring Contest page with Crayons
•  Mom, the box is lined with a natural Kraft paper. Fold out for easy clean up!

*Simple yet Educational Fun!
Challenge your Son or Daughter to match the name of the color label to their correct cup; and do the same with the Flavor. Challenge them to really smell the dough or their hands after rubbing the play dough around a little. Can they guess the right one?