Kiss My Pomegranate's
Acne Friendly

Mudd Soap
Natural Detox Properties

"I AM" Brodinator
1 Dozen Mini Soapy Cupcakes
1 Dozen Soap Moody's
1/2 Pound Soap Rainbow Candies
4 Pack of Soapy Cupcakes
4 Week Gift Subscription
4th of July Rocket
A Mickey Christmas
Abominable Snowmen Set
About Us
Accessories & Home
Age 5 - Avi
Alex Cooksey
Almond Cherry Bar Soap
Almond Crush Sugar Scrub
"Butter Layers"

Amber & Lavender Scrub
"Butter Layers"

Apple Cider
Arrr...Me Matey!
Autism Speaks Puzzle Pieces
Avocado & Shea Butter Cream
Baby Shower Cake
Baby Shower Favors
Banana Blast (Travel Bottle)
Banana Blast 8 oz Bottle
Bar Soaps (Cold Process)
Bath Fizzie Powder
Bath Soak
By the Pound

Bath-Time Puppet Wash Mitts
Be Mine Cupcake
Black Amber & Lavender
"Soap Cube Cuties"

Black Amber & Lavender Marshmallow Soap
Blackberry Patch Sugar Scrub
"Butter Layers"

Bloopers & Mark Down's
Blue Spruce Christmas
Room Freshener

Blueberries & Butter Bar Soap
Blueberry Butter Flapjack
Blueberry Dreams
Exfoliating Slice

Body & Facial Products
Body Shots
Book Worm Favors
Brain Washed
Brittany Wilson
Brown Sugar & Oatmeal
Sugar Scrub - 1/2 Pound

Brown Sugar & Sweet Potato
"Butter Layers"

Bubblegum Madness
Bun in the Oven Favors
Business Card Favors
Caffeinated Kelpie
Cakes & Cookies Grab Bag
Calendula Face Wash
(Acne Friendly)

Camping Smore's
Candy Cane
Candy Cane Cupcake
Candy Cane Marshmallows
Candy Caramel Green Apple Box Set of (3)
Candy Land
Candy Rush! Sugar Scrub
"Butter Layers"

Candy Soap Bark Gift Tin's
Candy-Land Cuppie
Cauldron Animal Crackers
1 Dozen Box Set

Cervaza Hemp Swirl Bar Soap
Chai Tea
Charcoal Facial Bar
Charcoal Soap
2 - Pound Loaf

Chatterbox Chloe
Cherie S Herndon
Cherry Almond Sugar Scrub "Butter Layers"
Chicken & Waffles
Children's Soaps
Christmas Set
Christmas Soaps
Christmas Stockings Box Set
Christmas Tree Soaps
Cinnamon & Sugar
Cinnamon & Sugar Flapjack
Cinnamon Buns Soap - 2 pack
Cinnamon Smore's Waffle Bowl
Citrus Blends
Citrus Energy
Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Clean & Fresh
Clean Social Media "Likes"
Cleansing the Pain Away from Ken
Clove Honey & Oats
Cocoa, Cedar & S'more's Set "Profits for Donation"
Coconut Cool Water Soapy Cupcake
Coconut Crush Sugar Scrub
"Butter Layers"

Coloring Pages
Contact Us
Cookie Monster
Cool Water Salty Mud
Cool Water_ Goat's Milk Bar
Coral Green & Green Bliss
Cosmetic Glitter (Fine)
Cotton Candy Floating Marshmallow Soap
Cozy Cotton Box Set
Cucumber Melon
Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Cucumbers & Melon
Cupcake (large)
Cupcake Blooper
Cupcake Lip Wheel
Cupcake Twin Pack
Cupcakes & Glycerin Soaps
Custom Baseball Favors
Custom Wedding/Shower Favors
Damien the Sweet!
Dan's Dino Puppets
Dan's Dino's
Tangy Lime

Darth Vader Soap Buddies
Date Night Sugar Scrub
"Butter Layers"

Day of the Dead
Dead Sea Salt Butter Scrub
Dead Sea Salt Scrubs
Dead Sea Scrub 3 Variety Pack
Design Your Own Soap
Design Your Own Soap - 1lb. Log
Design Your Own Soap - 2lb Log
Design Your Own Soap - 4lb. Log (Best Value)
Dessert & Candy Inspired Soaps
Donation of Your Choice
Double Scoop
Double Stacks
Buttermilk Pancakes

Dragon's Blood
Dragon's Blood Salt Bar
1/2 Pound Bar

Duckie Bath Puff
Earthy Aromas
Easter Basket Gift's Body Splashed Set
Easter Jumbo Jelly Beans
Easter Lamb Mix
Egyptian Dragon Bar Soap
Elizabeth Ruth Pettyjohn
Exfoilate & Cleanse Cups
Sweet Honey

Exfoliating Citrus Energy Marshmallow Soap
Facial in a Bag
Family & Kid Approved Soaps
Favor Set
Felted Scubbie Bars
Floating Soap "Marshmallow Collection"
Floats of Fun 8" tube of Marshmallows
Floral Aromas
Fortune of 2014 Cookies
Frankincense & Myrr 3 Butter Soap
French Green Clay Facial Mask
French Macarons
Frightful Gumdrops
1/4 Pound Box

Frosty Forest Floating Marshmallows
Galactic Grape Rocket Pops
Giant Gummy Bear
Gift Certificates $40 for $50
Gift Sets
Gingered Spicy Tangerine
Gingersnap Gift Set
Gingersnap Men
Gingersnap Sugar Scrub "Butter Layers"
Glitter Glue
Glitter Set (Fine)
Glycerin Soap Bars
Goblin's Smore
Grape Soda Fizz
Grape Soda Fizz Mini Cupcakes
Grapefruit Blender
Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Grubby Pumpkins
Box Set (3)

Halloween Soaps & Goodies
Hand Santitizer
Hardwood Musk_Vegan
Hardwood Plumeria
Healing Ken's Ouchies
Hello Kitty Favors (6 Pack)
Hello Kitty Party Favors
1/2 Pound Mix

Hello Kitty Singles
Hello Kitty Soap Buddies
Himalayan Layered Salt Bar
Hocus Pocus Candies
1/4 lb Candy Box

Holiday & Novelty Soaps
Holiday & Sweets
Holiday Cake Pops
Co-Worker Gift Idea

Holiday Flavors Sugar Scrub "Butter Layers"
Honey Almond
Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Hops & Carrots
Ice Cream Bar
Ice Cream Cone - B-Day Favors
Jasmine Hydrosol
Jelly Bean Princess
Jelly Beans
Jojoba Exfoliators 2 Pack
Joyful Lollipop's
Jumbo Floating Marshmallows
*Pick a Flavor

Jumbo Fun Time! Bath-Time Puffs
Jumbo Gummy Bears Mix
Jumbo Lego Block Men
Jumbo Sprinkled Doughnut
Junk Yard Dog
100% Recycled Yard Art

Ken Sander's Fund
Ken's Girl
Kid Bots
(Set of 4)

Kid's Contest, Tips & Tricks
Kiss My "Cotton Candy"
Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Kitchen Coffee Beans
Kitchen Sink Floating Marshmallow Soap
Kitty Cuppie
Kristin Baseball
Large Christmas Ornaments
Lavender Hydrosol
Lavender Soothing Oil
Lego Block Stocking Tubes
Lego Men
Lego Men Cuppie
Lemon & Lime Cedarwood
Lemon Zest
Lemony Avocado Bar Soap
Life-Saver Soaps
Lilacs & Lavender
Lip Balm Donation
Lip Balm Pots
Lip Balm Sticks
Lip Products
Lip Scrubs
Loofa Bars
Love Spell

Luxury Shower Gel
Macaroon Sweets!
Mango & Apricot Sorbet
Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Marshmallow Drying Dish
Marshmallow Mug
Marshmallow Soap Company
Mary Janes - Baby Shower Favors
Mechanic's Scrub
Black Pepper & Jojoba

Medium Gift Basket
Meet Our Models
Memories & Prayers
Midnight Chirps
Midnight Chirps
Gift Box Set (2)

Mineral Make-up
Mini Cupcake Set
Mini Donuts Gift Box
Mini Marshmallows & Chocolate Milk
Mini Soapy Cupcakes
Minty Mud
Minty Rosemary Floating Marshmallows
Minty Sea
Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Mommy & Me Jars
Mommy & Me Sugar Scrub
"Children's Butter Layers"

Monkey Burps Soapy Cupcake
Monkey Burps Sugar Scrub
"Butter Layers"

Mr & Mrs Sudzy Family
Mr & Mrs Sudzy Fresh Spaces
Mr Sudzy Germ Buster
Mr Sudzy the Lumber Jack
Mr. Sudzy's Hat
Mrs. Piglet
Music Notation Soap
Mustache CO
My Checkered Raspberry Heart
Mystrey Box
Naked Face Polish
Natural Oil Blend
(Natural Acne Eliminating Properties)

Naughty & Nice Box Set
Neapolitan Floating Marshmallows
Neemed Tuberose Bar Soap
New Money_ Vegan Friendly
No Mistake
Novelty Green Bar
Oatmeal Bar Soap
Oatmeal Milk & Honey
Oatmeal Milk & Honey Scrub
"Butter Layers"

Oatmeal, Sweet Milk & Honey
Ogre Tarts
Box Set of 2

Oil Properties Dictionary
Order Pickup
Organic Raw Shea Butter
Party & Special Event Favors
Party Favors
Pea in the Pod Favor's (20)
Peppermint (Travel Bottle)
Peppermint 8 oz Bottle
Peppermint Bark
Peppermint Bliss Bar Soap
Peppermint Candies
2 Pack

Peppermint Candy Cane Slice
Peppermint Candy Canes
Large Mug

Peppermint Hydrosol
Peppermint Snowflakes
Pick a Flavor Flapjacks
Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Pink Grapefruit
Marshmallow Soap

Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar Soapy Cupcake
Pistachio & Evening Primrose Facial Cream
Playful Yarn Balls
Plumberry Spice
Plumberry Spice - Holiday Gift Set
Pomegranate Fruit
Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Popping Shower Soaps
Poppy Watermelon
Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Pre-Photo Shoot Scrub - 8 oz
Pumi Sponge Bar Soap
Pumpkin Butter
Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Pumpkin Pie Spice Bar Soap
Pumpkin Pie
Made with Real Pumpkin

Pumpkin Spice & Australian Clay Sugar Scrub
Rainbow Sherbet
Raspberry Nilla_Vegan Safe
Refreshing Body Splash
Roasted Chestnuts & Brown Sugar
Robert Hamilton
Rosemary & Peppermint Fusion
Half pound Salt Scrub

Rosemary Lavender
Rosemary Sage
Rubber Duckies Heaven!
Salty Almonds & Pumpkin
Salty Lemon Lime
Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Scented Play Dough Fun!
1 1/2 Pounds

School Teacher
Free Kids Packs

Scrubbie Blooper
Sea Glass with a Salted Top
Shaving Soap
Shea Butter & Avocado Body Cream
Shea Butter Coffee Scrub "Hazelnut Cinnamon"
Shea Butter Sugar Scrub "Apricot Mango"
Shea Butter Sugar Scrub Strawberries & Cream
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Silent Night Stars Set
Silky Strawberries & Nectarines
Silky Sugared Lavender & Lemons
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Skin Splashed Body Spray
Sleigh Ride Bar Soap
Slice of Pink Sugar
Sliceable Dessert Loaf's
Small Christmas Ornaments
Small Gift Set
Soap Cube Cutie's
Soap Grenades!
Soap Tub Tarts
Soapy Body Frosting
Soapy Body Frosting 1/2 lb.
Soapy Cake
Soapy Cake Pops (Set 3)
Soapy Classroom
Soapy Crayon Set
Soapy Cupcake Bakery
Soapy Cupcake Gifts
Soapy Lollipop (large)
Soapy Rainbow
Soapy Tart
Solid Bubbler Bars
Solid Lotion Jars
Solid Perfume
Solid Sugar Scrubs
Space Invaders! Bath-Time Buddies
Spearmint Waves
Specialty & Trouble Friendly
Spookylicious Sugar Cookies Box (5)
Spring Soap Dish Mix
Spring Zest
Blood Orange & Lemon

Sprinkled Tub Bubblers
Squeaky Clean Penelope
Sticky Buns
2 Pack

Stock My Stockings
Stocking Stuffer's 24" of Floating Marshmallows
Store Policies
Strawberries & Cream
Strawberry Butter
Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Strawberry Pancake
Strawberry Patch Sugar Scrub
"Butter Layers"

Sudzy Cannolis
Sudzy Fairies Bath Water Colors Gift Tin
Sudzy Sink Time
Sugar Kisses, Pink Plum & Bell
Sugar Scrub "Butter Layers Collection"
Sugar Scrub Butter Layers Variety Pack
Sugar Scrub Layers
Party Pack

Sugar Scrubs & Butter Layers
Sugar Scrubs Facial & Specialty
Sugar Sweetheart
Sugared Honey Almonds Soapy Cupcake
Sunny California
Sweet Pea Soapy Buttons
Tangerine & Cranberries
Tangerine Balsam
Tangerine Summer
Team Jojo Soap Cupcake
The "Clean" Mustache
The Boy's Soap
The Designer's Soap Gift Box
The Man's Bar
The Robot Family
Tiny Tot Whales
Toasted Marshmallow Smore
Toasted Marshmallow with Organic Mallow Root
Toasty Pumpkin
Travel Soap Cubes
Travelers Soap Tube
Tree of Life (Limited Stock)
Trick-O-Treat Caramel's
Trouble Friendly & Charcoal Bar Soap
Trouble's First Cousin_Tomato Facial Bar
Trouble's Nightmare - Charcoal & Licorice Root
Tub Tart Pack
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Vanilla & Sandalwood Bar Soap
Vegan Essential Lemon
Oil Free Body Frosting

Wakeup Rosemary
Walk in the Woods_Goat's Milk
Watermelon Slice
Watermelon Soapy Pops
Watermelon Taffy Soapy Cupcake
Wholesale Clients
Winner's Circle
Winter Fantasy_Vegan Safe
Winter Frost Sugar Scrub "Butter Layers"
Winter Peppermint
Winterland 2013
Wise Man's Soap Dish
Witch's Brew
Witches Revenge
Woodsy Eucalyptus Bar Soap
Year Long Winter Basket
Year of Soap - 3lb Loaf Set
Year Soap Subscription