About Our Vegan Products

We carry a wide array of natural body care products. Including but not limited to body mud, face mask, soap, body mists, hair care, lotions, soaks and much more. We are also a very Vegan Friendly Company. One of our owner's is Vegan so it gives us a little variety for all of our customerís needs.

We guarantee 100% Premium Quality Yes! we do purchase all of our raw materials at Fair Trade. We have 4 cosmetic makers on staff, which 2 of them take special care of our Vegan Line. Our Vegan Safe Soaps, Scrubs, Lotions, Masks, and more are all done in their own separate tools. Including but not limited to melting, mixing, stirring, packaging, and pouring. We truly understand the importance of being Vegan and we honor and respect the Vegan Lifestyle.

Our Glycerin Soaps

No animal products - Right off the bat 100% vegetable glycerin soaps become an excellent option for those that choose to use personal care products that have no ingredients of animal products, whether the decision is for personal or medical reasons.